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It's almost time for Mad March!

Updated: Feb 25

How are you? Are you getting to enjoy all the amazing things that Adelaide has on at the moment? Are you starting to feel a bit partied-out or are you still going strong?

At this time of year, I often find people are coming in with lots of niggles that may progress to headaches or sciatica, much more so than usual. Often this is because we're starting to get a bit tired after being back at work and school for a couple of months. We're also often spending time enjoying Fringe and all the associated fun, which means sitting in those terrible foldable chairs, plus the occasional extra beverage and rich dinner out with friends before a show!

There's a few things we can do to help counteract these factors, and help keep our bodies running smoothly to reduce the likelihood of a sore back or neck pain. FIrst things first, keep up with your regular Chiro adjustments! Catching little niggles early helps prevent them becoming big issues, so you can keep functioning smoothly.

Secondly, lets talk about energy levels. We've been back in the grind of daily life for a while now and some people are already feeling like they need a holiday, so lets make sure to nourish ourselves a bit more. When we're tired, we're more likely to have mild neck pain turn into headaches, or a sore back turn into sciatica - if our system is depleted we don't have the resilience to bounce back from little niggles.

Getting good quality sleep is important here, especially with daylight saving. Good block-out blinds are a must, as is establishing a sleep routine. Giving your body regular cues is really useful - if you can't go to bed at the same time each night or you can't get to bed as early as you want, consistent activities can let your body know it's time to sleep so you can go into a deep sleep faster. These cues can be as simple as rubbing some lavender oil into your temples and the back of your neck every night before bed, or you can go as far as having a bath to relax. We'll talk more about sleep in our next blog - stay tuned!

Another way to look after tired bodies is to add extra goodness wherever possible. Pack a pre-blitzed smoothie with some berries and protein powder for afternoon tea instead of another coffee or a junky snack (I pop mine in an insulated bottle from Kmart so it stays cold, and give it a good shake before I want to drink it - you'd never know it wasn't made 5 seconds before!). Add some Vital Greens powder to your morning glass of water, make sure to actually have that multivitamin, or sprinkle some gelatine / collagen powder on your dinner (you won't taste it!) to help your digestive system recover from that extra glass of wine. If you are going to restaurants a bit more than usual, look for a tasty veg-filled option rather than carb-loaded pasta - restaurant salads are often more delicious and filling than salads I make at home (maybe I should look into this more for myself, hmmmm...), so that can be a good way to pack in extra vitamins and counteract the wine + late night combo! And of course, plenty of water - one glass of booze, then one glass of water. I know it all sounds obvious, but little things make a big difference here and let's face it - most of us only have enough head space and energy to do the little things!

The other big one to prevent a sore back or sore neck is to look at HOW you're sitting on those fold-out event chairs. Are you sitting flat and even? Rather than crossing your knees, have both your feet flat on the ground and your bottom right at the back of the chair, or cross your ankles instead. If you brought a jumper, maybe even fold it up and sit on it to pad your pelvis a little (you probably won't need a jumper in a Fringe tent, they can get super stuffy). Also make sure your shoulders are in a good 'back and down' position rather than slumped forward, and your head is nice and high ontop of your spine rather than jutting forward.

These little things should help you get through Mad March in relatively good shape, and we're here for you at Boundless Chiropractic if you ever need! Just remember, a sore back is a warning sign, so let's get it sorted nice and quickly. And let me know which shows you enjoyed so I can get tickets too!

See you soon :)

Dr Anna-Mieke

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