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Boundless Chiro is still open!

Updated: Jun 22

Boundless Chiro is still open! I'm working diligently to maintain a safe and clean office, so you can feel secure about coming in for your regular chiro adjustments. Chiropractors are classified as Registered Allied Healthcare Providers, so we are remaining open (and being encouraged to do so by the Government) when many other businesses are shut.

I am working within the guidelines provided by the Government and the Australian Chiropractic Association and following an enhanced cleaning schedule. As part of this increased vigilance, there will be hand sanitiser available in all rooms, and you are encouraged to use it when you enter the practice. As previous, there are hand washing facilities available in the toilet and these are equiped with single-use paper towels. I am also sanitising the chiro table and equipment between each use, and doors / handles / countertops will be sanitised as often as feasible. You will be asked to swipe your own private health insurance and EFTPOS cards, and given a clean pen to sign each time. You may also notice that there are fewer toys than usual, to minimise the effect of children as cute carriers. There are still some toys available for entertainment but I have restricted them to those that are easily cleaned between uses. I am even introducing more voluntary social distancing options - if you would prefer to wait in your car, just text me when you arrive and I’ll buzz you when it's your turn.

In return, I ask that if you are unwell or have potentially been exposed to viruses, please let me know so I can reschedule your chiro appointment to a later date. I trust that these measures will allow us all to feel secure about you continuing to come for your chiro sessions. Now is the time to keep your body healthy, so let's all wash our hands and be kind to each other and I look forward to continuing to care for you for through this crazy time 😎 ❤️ ⠀


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