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School Bags!

It's time. Time for school. Time for the kids to leave the house and have a small sense of normalcy again. Time to pack lunches again. Time to have a routine again. Time to get stationery and drink bottles and back packs... The mind boggles! So lets make one thing easy: back packs.

There's only a couple of things to remember about back packs, and they're pretty straightforward. Firstly, the top of bag should sit level with the top of their shoulders. Secondly, the bottom of the bag should sit level with the top of their bottom. So far so good! If in doubt, the higher the better so the bag fits snugly into the arch of the low back.

Ideally you'll also teach the kids some extra important points as well, like use all the straps! ALL THE STRAPS! Both of the shoulder straps and if they're available the belly and chest straps too. These help hold the bag in close so the weight is distributed properly. Heavy things should be packed close to the back of the bag so there's as little load as possible on their growing spines, and bags should be no more than 10% of your child's bodyweight.

And really, that's it! It can take a bit of reminding to get both those straps on their shoulders but it's well worth the effort, and to reward you for that effort here's some links to lunch box round-ups (some of them can get a bit fussy but there's some gold in there, I know what I'm having this week!). Enjoy and good luuuuuuck!

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