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Spring Into Health!

In those immortal words… Spring is Sprung! And I find myself giving the same great advice regularly - there ARE natural ways you can manage hay fever and allergy symptoms, they’re just different, and more about prevention than treatment.

If you imagine, antihistamine tablets suppress a reaction you’re already having. That pollen has hit your system, your body has seen it and decided to do it’s hay fever thing (itchy throat, puffy eyes, clogged sinus, drippy nose) and the tablet then tries to stop those reactions that have already occurred. And you know what, sometimes that’s what you need and that’s ok!

How about a different approach though? Lets talk about ways we can prevent or reduce that reaction in the first place, so your body doesn’t have a freak out and there’s not a big response that then has to be dealt with. I’m just going to cover the highlights here, but we’ll be doing a talk in the clinic at the end of this month with way more detail - jump on the Facebook page for event details and make sure to book a spot as places will be limited!

First thing: we need to talk about your gut. There’s definite links between the digestive system and histamine reactivity. I can hear you all saying ‘But my gut works fine, I go to the toilet every day and I’m fine’. This is not a pooping talk people! There are specific strains of gut bacteria that help us deal with allergens (we stock these here at Boundless Chiro), and a targeted probiotic can help increase these strains in your gut to help you deal with allergens better. A strong intestinal lining is also important for keeping your immune system calm, so Gelatine and a good gut-healing supplement helps here (we stock these at Boundless Chiro too).

Secondly: exposure. It’s inevitable, you step out the door and your neighbour is raking up lawn clippings and blossom - you can practically see the cloud of pollens in the air! When you’re dirty, you take a shower; when your sinuses are full of allergens, you wash ‘em out. Get a Neti pot and use it whenever you get home! Even better, pop a few drops of lavender oil into the wash-out mix to soothe those mucus membranes and calm your sinus snot production.

Thirdly: vitamins. There’s some good ones - Quercetain for anti-inflammatory properties, Zinc and Vitamin C for immune support (so it doesn’t go crazy when it sees pollen invaders) and liquorice with nettle for soothing mucus membranes in sinuses and drippy noses.

We’ll get into more details at our Spring into Health talk, and will discuss other strategies for dealing with hay fever and also reducing allergies developing in the kids. More dates and details to come, but head over to the Facebook page for event info and make sure you book a Group Sessions ticket via our online bookings!

With all of that, we still need to remember - a well functioning nervous system (and an adjustment with our gentle chiropractor Anna-Mieke) is vital to a well functioning body, so keep that in mind as part of the big picture! Look forward to seeing you soon!

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