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Boost your Immunity this Winter!

It's officially Winter and the germs are upon us. So what can you do to help fend them off? Here are a few quick tips...

1. Obviously - make sure you're still eating well. We all crave comfort food and carbs when it's cold but we still need all those veggies, so keep up your 5 veg and 3 fruit serves a day. While you're there, have some more water! We need a minimum of 30mL of water per kilo of bodyweight per day, so if it's too cold to drink water, go for a warm and tasty uncaffeinated herbal tea.

2. Keep moving - even though the mornings are cold and it gets dark early, keep up the exercise! Exercise stimulates your white blood cells which are important for sensing and fighting bugs, so keep at it. There are loads of great apps now so you can keep active at home in your cosy lounge room - I love sworkit and asana rebel but there's about a billion of them to chose from!

3. Invest in good quality supplements. We all know you get what you pay for, and there can be a big jump in strength and effectiveness between brands. We stock Bioceuticals and Metagenics at the clinic, so you're welcome to grab some next time you come in for your chiro or massage session. Zinc, Vitamin C and an Immune-specific probiotic are great daily supplements, then Olive Leaf liquid and Mushroom Extract are fantastic if those bugs do manage to break through your defences.

4. Get some sunshine! Vitamin D is important for immunity, so find a sunny (untinted) window somewhere and soak in the rays. According to Osteoporosis Australia, we need 2-3 hours of sun per week to get enough Vitamin D. If you're not getting that, a supplement can help but it's always better to have the real thing!

5. Have an early night. Prolonged stress and sleep deprivation increases cortisol levels, which in turn suppresses our immune system. Sleep and relaxation can help restore the balance, so you're better able to beat back the bugs!

6. Cover your mouth when you cough... with your elbow. This is what's taught in schools now and it's a great idea! If we cough into our hands and then touch things (door handles, office phones, you name it) it's simply going to spread those germs everywhere. So, instead of covering your mouth with your hands, think of how many people touch the same surfaces as you and cough into your elbow instead - everyone in the office will thank you!

And of course, keep up your Chiropractic care! If you feel good and your nervous system is functioning well, it's SO. MUCH. EASIER to do all the good things you know you need to be doing (that goes for everyone - Anna-Mieke is also a chiropractor for kids!). So give us a call on 0422 484 246 or book online and get yourself adjusted! You know you want to...

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