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Our female chiropractor Dr Anna-Mieke Kappelle uses a mix of gentle chiropractic methods to help your body and your nervous system work at their best. Dr Anna-Mieke focuses on gently working with and adjusting the joints of your body (not just the spine but also hips, shoulders, arms and legs) to allow freedom of movement and to remove irritation on the nerves that run along the spine and through the body.

Aligning your spine correctly allows your brain and body to communicate with each other properly, so your body can function and perform at its absolute best. The brain creates the signals which control what happens in every single cell of your body, including signals to muscles, blood vessels, organs, the immune system and glands. Those signals travel between your brain and your body along the nerves.  When your spine is out of alignment, the nerves next to the joints become irritated. This is why people sometimes experience shoulder or arm pain that is actually caused by misalignment of their neck, or they experience pain in their legs or buttocks that is actually coming form their lower back – all the nerves in the body at some point pass through the spine, and are therefore affected by spinal health. 

There is a big difference between being free of pain and being fit and healthy – the longer your spine stays properly aligned, the more healing can be achieved and the better you'll feel!  Our focus is on understanding your needs and lifestyle, and your wellbeing is at the centre of our care.


Your first visit will involve a thorough discussion and assessment with our female chiropractor Dr Anna-Mieke, to work out what is causing your discomfort or limitations and whether they are issues that we can help with.  Next, Dr Anna-Mieke will begin to realign your spine to help your joints regain normal motion.  She'll do this by using specific gentle chiropractic adjustments which involve a generally painless movement applied to a precise area of your spine. She may also discuss some exercises or lifestyle changes, or recommend some dietary supplements to help your body heal and strengthen. When you first visit Dr Anna-Mieke your body has probably been stressed for some time and has become used to this physical pattern of spinal misalignment and muscle contraction. This stage of care is about breaking that cycle, and retraining those ingrained postures and responses. You may find your symptoms fluctuate, because this stage is when major changes are occurring. In this stage you will have more frequent visits, so we can ‘catch’ your body before it reverts back into old habits.

As your body starts to heal and strengthen it can tolerate stress longer than it could before. Now we start spreading out your visits as your body is becoming more able to rebalance itself and you find that you are feeling better.  This stage is just as important as the first stage, as now we are focusing on long-term healing to address the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.

If you have any questions about your care at any time we are here to answer your queries, please just ask, or make your booking now!

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