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As of April 20th, Boundless Chiro has a new home!

COVID-19 means the gym that Boundless Chiro is currently in is closing both our doors permanently, so I'm excited to announce that I'm joining the Frisbee Chiropractic team at The Hive as of April 20th! 🐝🌿 It's a local and well established practice, at 504 Henley Beach Rd, Fulham (directly opposite the Lockleys pub, near the Tapleys Hill Rd intersection), and you'll probably recognise their yellow signs. More info can be found on the blog.  Thank you for your support during this crazy time, and I look forward to seeing you at the new practice soon! 

Boundless Chiropractic at 'The Hive'

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Boundless Chiropractic is a Chiropractic clinic serving families and individuals in Findon, Woodville, Croydon, Fulham, Lockleys, Grange, Henley Beach and the surrounding Adelaide communities.