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Boundless Chiropractic is a Chiropractic clinic serving families and individuals in Findon, Woodville, Croydon, Fulham, Lockleys, Grange, Henley Beach and the surrounding Adelaide communities.

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Our Chiropractor Dr Anna-Mieke uses a mix of gentle chiropractic methods to help you be your best: from athletes, pregnant women, brand new babies and children right through to the elderly! Whether it be back pain or neck pain, headaches or sciatica, or keeping you well-aligned and feeling great, Dr Anna-Mieke is here for you! She focuses on gently working with and adjusting the joints of your body (not just the spine but also hips, shoulders, arms and legs) to allow freedom of movement and to remove irritation on the nerves that run along the spine and through the body.

She is passionate about helping you improve your health, and firmly believes in early prevention - by detecting issues and correcting them early, she aims to prevent more serious injury in the future. In addition to providing gentle and effective adjustments, Dr Anna-Mieke will tailor your care to your individual needs and may also discuss other ways to support your recovery. Let her help you achieve your health goals, so you feel fantastic - from the inside out!